Landscape design should not only be functional and useful,

but strive to have a positive impact on the total environment. Call Me To Discuss Your Project: (775) 782-8942

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In Her Element

Sandra Wendel has woven her love of the outdoors, the arts and engineering into a prolific portfolio of beautiful and functional landscape masterpieces.

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Public Projects

However complex, this part of our work can be the most satisfying when the project comes to fruition.

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Institutional Projects

The line between public and institutional projects wavers. In our mind, institutional projects, both government and privately financed, are places that serve and service others.

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Residential Projects

I am convinced that a thoughtfully designed garden is one you will want to maintain and continually reinvest in, rather than view it as a burden.

One of the most valuable skills that a landscape architect can bring to the table is their ability to weave the various activities and elements of the project into a unified, meaningful whole.